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Accommodation in Durban: Hotel Guide

Casa Playa No 5 Apartment for Rent

Situated in the east coast of South Africa, Durban is the country’s sub-tropical beach getaway. The city center overlooks a long stretch of golden beaches, which is also the most culturally, diversified area in Africa. Here you’ll find people from every hue, business executives taking a stroll along the beach during their lunch break, teenagers discovering their surf talent, sari-clad matrons strolling on the sand and bead covered sangomas collecting sea water believed to be medically healing and professional surfers making long patterns on the waves’ curls.

Just as diverse as Durban’s culture and activities is the variety of hotels, business and holiday accommodation. A lot of Durban’s accommodation is situated along the city’s Golden Mile, a long stretch of continues, white sandy beaches which are also strategically located close to the city’s central business district (CBD); ideal for business travelers. Durban’s hotels can be recognised as the sleek, high rising buildings with beautiful sea views and swimming pools increasing along this busy strip.

Another area also close to the beach and CBD that offers more hotels and a variety of guest houses and bed and breakfasts are the leafy areas of Berea and Morningside, endowed with superb restaurants and shopping malls.

If you want to find the right hotel or accommodation in Durban, especially in the peak season (December and January) along the Golden Mile and the above mentioned areas, you will have to book well in advance as these areas are over flooded with holiday makers and travelers from abroad.

But if you are not interested in the hustle and bustle of Durban’s CBD and want to get away from the city life of shopping malls and fancy restaurants, we have the perfect place for you. Situated only a few kilometers from Durban is one of the most beautiful beaches in the Eastern Coast, Umhlanga Beach. No. 5 Casa Play is a luxurious self-catering apartment, overlooking Umhlanga Rocks’ main beach. A perfect getaway to the tranquility of the fresh ocean breeze.

If you are looking for luxury and beach holiday accommodation contact Casa Playa.

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