Casa Playa No. 5

Book a luxury apartment for an exciting getaway in Umhlanga this Valentine’s Day

Sometimes Valentine’s Day can become a little mundane (especially if you’ve been with your partner for a long time), but booking a luxury apartment in Umhlanga can change things this time around. People grow tired of the tried and tested candles, roses and store-bought cards, so why not spice things up with a romantic weekend away for the two of you? Here are a few things you can do to make your Umhlanga weekend memorable:

Get a hold of some memorabilia. Umhlanga has a number of cute and quaint things you can do while visiting the coast on the romantic day. Walk on the beach and collect some pretty sea shells or visit a candle shop and make your own candles with personalised designs and scents. These kinds of gifts and experiences will be authentic to just you and your partner.

Get an adrenaline rush in the shark tank. This Shark tank is more dangerous than the infamous rugby field itself but visit Ushaka Marine World and swim with the sharks for an exhilarating experience with the world’s most dangerous predator. Try this for the most unconventional and mind-blowing experience you can share during your getaway.

Get yourself a ride on a jet ski. What would a daredevil romantic getaway be without a pair of jet skis? These can be found zooming around everywhere on the coast and are a fun way to get wet and enjoy the beach. One definitely needs to jump on a jet ski to top the day off.

Get down to some risky business. If you’re still feeling a bit lucky after an adrenaline filled day, you can feed the beast and visit a nearby casino for some light gambling and a meal. Sibaya Casino provides both of these activities and will have you complete your outrageously fun day with a bang.

Come and stay at Casa Playa – a luxury apartment next to Umhlanga Sands

Let your stay match your exciting holiday and book yourself into an amazing spot. Casa Playa is a luxury apartment at the heart of Umhlanga and a stone-throw from everything exciting. Book aluxury apartment in Umhlanga for Valentine’s Day. Seize the moment and take time out for yourself, contact us today!

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