Casa Playa No. 5

Book a stay in self-catering apartments in Umhlanga for a tranquil breakaway

A peaceful stay in Umhlanga is the perfect way for you to reflect and revitalise yourself for 2013. Book a stay in self-catering apartments in Umhlanga today and get the rest you deserve so that you can make the most of the year ahead. Casa Playa No. 5 is the ultimate destination for your stay. Located right on Umhlanga’s gorgeous coastline, Casa Playa No. 5 offers you stunning ocean views and complete privacy. The apartment is located right on the Umhlanga coastline, giving you great access to the beach, as well as many of KwaZulu Natal’s top attractions.

A few sunset strolls on the beach are sure to leave you feeling relaxed, but Umhlanga is also minutes away from destinations that will revitalise your spirit. During your stay in Umhlanga, you should visit some of KwaZulu Natal’s lesser known attractions that are sure to help you recuperate from a busy year. Why not visit the traditional Japanese Gardens or some of the area’s nature reserves?

Casa Playa No. 5 is a short 15-minute drive from the Japanese Gardens. Here you will find the ideal retreat from the city hustle and bustle. Take a stroll through the gardens where you will find traditional ponds with Japanese Khoi, arching bridges and Japanese style temples. The gardens are a wonderful place to meditate and find inner peace. They are open seven days a week and entrance is free.

The Umgeni River Bird Park is a beautiful spot to view some of the world’s rarest birds. The park is home to flamingoes, cranes, owls, storks, macaws and toucans. The park also has a free bird show, daily at 11AM and 2PM.

During your stay in Umhlanga, take a short drive to The Beachwood Mangroves Nature Reserve. The nature reserve is home to many indigenous birds and there are several walking routes on the 76 hectare reserve. In this beautiful reserve you will also find the largest population of mangrove trees in the Durban area, including balk, red and white mangroves.

Start the year on the right note; enjoy a refreshing holiday by booking self-catering accommodation in Umhlanga Rocks today.

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