Casa Playa No. 5


Beacon Rock Development

Umhlanga continues to boom and Beacon Rock, a Pam Golding development overlooking Umhlanga Rocks, is another grand addition. This super-stylish apartment building is conveniently located at the entrance to the village. Driving into Umhlanga from the M4, you cannot miss … Read More

Umhlanga Rocks Beach Area

Cornubia: Massive Development Underway

Durban’s North Coast is without a doubt one of the fastest developing areas in Southern Africa. Over the past decade or so, the face of Umhlanga has changed completely and the once-sleepy seaside resort has become an elegant, modern, thriving … Read More

A Guide to Finding the Right Umhlanga Rocks Accommodation

KwaZulu-Natal is a province that is a very powerful quarrel when it comes to political correctness. It was typically divided into two regions; the Northern area always being the Zulu part of KwaZulu and the rest of the province known … Read More

Durban Activities

When visiting Durban I can guarantee you will never have a dull moment. You’ll experience every bit of splendour this vibrant; beach city as well as its surrounding coastal towns has to offer. Durban activities including anything and everything from … Read More

Holiday Accommodation in Durban

Durban, also known as South Africa’s playground, is the second largest city in this country and is made up of an interesting blend of Eastern, Western and African cultures, giving it its exciting appeal and provides the essence of its … Read More

Is It Safe For You to Travel to Durban, South Africa?

For those of you that will be traveling to Durban, South Africa soon, whether it is for a nice vacation or for the preparation of the Soccer World Cup, you are probably wondering if it is safe for you and … Read More

Book yourself into self catering apartments and enjoy some peace and tranquility

Self catering apartments may be the best thing to happen to travelers in years. These weren’t very popular in previous years, but tastes are changing and self catering Durban apartments are a top choice for all kinds of people. If … Read More

The Advantages of Staying on a Self Catering Holiday

If you are considering a stay in Durban, self catering is something that has become more and more popular. Durban has some of the best restaurants in the area, but if you find that you are eating out every night, … Read More

Holiday Accommodation in South Africa

The spectacular beaches of Durban, South Africa are called the Golden Mile and you can find some of the most deluxe accommodations within this area. A Durban accommodation could be a hotel along the water’s edge or a delightful bed … Read More

Should I Stay at A Hotel or a Holiday Apartment?

When you are visiting the city of Durban, you will find that there is a lot to see and do. Whether you are there for the impressive shopping or the rich cultural life, you will find that there is no … Read More