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Durban City Guide

Durban is one of the greatest cities to visit in South Africa. Those who have been there will be able to vouch for that. Those who have not yet been there but have heard how great it is can believe what you hear, because it is true. Durban accommodation is one of the reasons why this city is so great. The accommodation that is offered is wonderful and it offers excellent views, all at good prices. When you are looking for accommodation you should consider a luxury self-catering apartment as they specialize in Durban accommodation and will be able to help you find exactly what it is that you are looking for.

Second on the list of the greatest reasons to visit Durban is the golden beaches that are on offer. Durban is the third most populous city in South Africa and one can see why this is. They offer you a colorful variety of cultural experiences that will nicely complement the mild Indian Ocean climate as well as the gorgeous seafront. eThekwini is the name of the greater metropolitan area. One will be surprised to know that Durban isn’t just wonderful because it provides a place for beach-bums to hang out, but Durban is also the busiest port in Africa and plays a big role in the export economy of the country.

Another reason as to why Durban is the place to be, all year round, is not just for their friendliness but also because of their rich ethnic mix. What is meant here is that out of the 3.4 million people living in Durban, more than half of them are Zulu, while one-fifth of the population is made up of Indians and a further one tenth is made up of white Europeans.

The modern part of Durban was founded only in the 1830s, so as you can see it has come a long way and has really built itself up over the years, and has turned into something absolutely phenomenal. Besides the stunning beaches, there are hundreds of other places to go and things to see, so even if the beach isn’t your scene there will be something else for you to do. You don’t have to sit and roast in the sun if that is not your cup of tea. Remember that Durban is known to be sunny all year round. You might get the odd cold rainy day, but it is not likely to last for a very long time.

Durban’s luxury self-catering accommodation should be first on your list when you are going on a holiday to the city, and as long as it fits in somewhere it should be fine. Durban is definitely a place you want to visit in your life time – you haven’t lived unless you’ve been to Durban!

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