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Durban Curry – A taste of India in Africa

In South Africa you will find the largest Indian population in Durban. The East Coast is renowned for its indistinguishable energy, fine foods and a pristine coastline. Durban curry is one of the dishes you must eat during your stay in Durban. Real hot curries were brought into the country by sugarcane workers over a hundred years ago. Durban curries are renowned for their distinct aromas, amazing taste and variety of dishes, such as vegetable curries, lamb curries, soups and other Indian cuisine.

Durban Curry Recipe

Although many Durban curries are extremely spicy (even the curries labeled as “mild” might be too hot for the faint-at-heart), there are a few Durban Curry Recipes that will give you tantalizing dishing without the burn!

Here’s a simple Durban Curry recipe for you to try out:

Chop two chicken breasts into small pieces and fry in a tablespoon of oil. Continue to fry until the chicken is cooked whilst adding two diced yellow peppers into the pan. Add a carton of Durban Curry sauce and 250ml of dry white wine.

Curry Spices

You will be able to find a number of curry powder and curry spices on Durban’s beachfront, at flea markets, grocery stores as well as in small Indian shops in Durban’s CBD. The word “curry” comes from the word “kaikaari” and it means vegetables cooked with Kaikaari spices and leaves, served with a hint of coconut.

Durban Curry Restaurants

Indian Connection is a popular Durban curry restaurant. Situated in Morningside, the restaurant operates from a revamped suburban house. Enjoy the vast Indian menu, such as vegetable curries, lamb vindaloo and chicken korma.

If you are looking for the best prawn curry in the city, try the Seal Belle. This curry restaurant doubles as a hot nightclub at night, but during the day you will able to try unmatched seafood curries. If you don’t feel like a formal sit-down meal, you can also order some great curry dishes at Some Like It Hot, a quaint take away café in Umhlanga. Some other great Indian cuisine that you can find almost anywhere in Durban is bunny chow and samoosas. A bunny chow is a unique South African meal that consists of a loaf of bread, which is hallowed out and filled with curry.

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