Casa Playa No. 5

Durban Surf City

Durban Surf City has hosted a number of international surfing events, such as the Quiksilver Good Wave and the Mr Price Pro surfing competitions. The flawless beaches boast huge waves and Durban offers many perfect surfing days throughout the year. Many of the locals surf on a daily or weekly basis and travelers from far and wide come to ride Durban’s magnificent surfing waves.

Durban Surfing Spots

Durban is the surfing capital of South Africa and there are a number of great surfing spots. Here are some places to check out when you are here:

  • Main Cave: Between the tide pool and Antseys is Main Cave, where you can joy numerous exciting surfing sessions.
  • Pig’s Hut: There’s a great breeze and the area isn’t as sensitive to swell directions. Pig’s Hut is situated by the bluff, below the police station.
  • New Pier: If you are up for a surfing adventure, take your surf board and jump off the edge of the New Pier at the Bay of Plenty in Durban. Skilled surfers enjoy this area the most!
  • Vetch’s Reef: According to the pro’s, Vetch’s Reef is where you can find the longest waves in KwaZulu-Natal!

North Coast Surfing

Durban’s North Coast is renowned as one of the best surfing spots in the country. From professional surfers to beginners can enjoy the great weather, cool breezes and warm water. Some of the top places for Durban North Coast Surfing is “Surfers” near Ballito (this area is often used for surfing competitions), Chaka’s Rock, Salt Rock and Sunrise.

What types of Sharks are there in Durban?

There are a number of shark species that live across KwaZulu-Natal’s coastline. Although Durban has had a few shark attack incidents, there have been very few deadly shark attacks over the years. Some of the types of sharks that you will find in Durban include tiger sharks, Zambezi sharks, ragged-tooth sharks, hammer heads and blacktip sharks.

Accommodation in Durban South Africa

No. 5 Casa Playa is a luxury, self-catering accommodation suite in Durban. Situated near all the main surfing spots of Umhlanga, restaurants and shopping malls, this accommodation to rent will provide you with a convenient place to relax after a hard day of surfing the waves!

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