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Durban Ushaka Marine

If you have never heard of the Durban Ushaka Marine are then you have no clue what you are missing. This area comprises more than 15 acres of beachfront land. And we are not just talking any old beachfront. This is the cream of the crop when it comes to beachfront property. It encompasses the absolute largest theme park for marine life in South Africa. It is a great and out of the way getaway for you and your entire family to escape the ordinary daily activities.

There are salt water and freshwater wildlife, vegetation and is fully detailed right down to a cargo shipwreck that has been recreated into the sea and marine life here. Much the same as one might expect from the larger theme parks such as Disney or Six Flags in the United States and the other world re-known theme parks that are in abundance in Florida and California in the United States.

The whole park is set around different themes all done to an African look. These areas are such as Dolphin World, Beach World, Treasure World, Sea World and Wet and Wild World. There is a little bit of something for everyone who visits.

You can find things like dive tanks where you can actually dive or snorkel. There is a dolphin habitat and a tank full of the largest set of sharks in the southern portion of the world. There are more species of sharks here than you can find anywhere else and you can literally spend hours just watching them swim.

If you are into adventure and rides then the Wet and Wild Park at Durban Ushaka Marine is for you. There are plenty of fun and downright exiting rides here. In fact some of them are so scary that it might not be for the faint of heart amongst us.

There are a variety of less challenging things to do here as well such as lounging in the smaller kids pools or simply lying on one of the many beaches or sparkling pools that abound here. That makes it great for families looking for some quiet relaxation in a tropical wonderland that can truly be a relaxing vacation.

The Sea World Area has one of the absolute hugest aquariums available anywhere in the world and also the largest dolphin theatre in all of Africa with a seating capacity of 1,200. You can enjoy a wonderful dolphin show here

Shopping and restaurants are also available. In fact, recall the shipwreck we mentioned above? You can actually dine right on that shipwreck or in and around the many fine shops available. It is very much a world-class destination where you can enjoy a break from the ordinary.

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