Casa Playa No. 5

Durban Wavehouse

The Wave House in Durban South Africa promotes itself as a Royal Palace of youth culture, and from what we have seen it is hard to argue with that assessment. One part theme park, the other activity-based, it is the country’s first complex dedicated to popular youth sports.

Though there are literally dozens of things to do at the Wave House Durban, as you might expect, most of them include water sports like surfing and body boarding. There is also a 4,000 square meter skate park that is the biggest in the nation and four world-class water slides that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

But the focus of the Wave House Durban is most assuredly on the kids. Here they will encounter the famous D-Rex that can produce barreling 10 foot waves where beginners and experts alike can master their skills. In fact, many people have learned to surf on the D-Rex before testing their mettle in ocean. And why not? The advanced wave pool won’t ask you to wait for high tide or smash you into a coral reef when you fall. It is a safe and exciting alternative to the ocean.

Probably the most family friendly attraction at the Wave House Durban is the FlowRiders.  If you have never experienced it, the FlowRiders is the perfect way to get the sensation of surfing without actually having any of the skills. Basically, it is a kind of water slide that has been modified for stand up sliding or glissading.  It is a safe and fun way for people to simply enjoy themselves while they learn a few basic surfing skills.

And after hours of fun in the water or at the skate park, members and guests can convene in the Events Arena, which is a full service concert hall that can accommodate up to 5,000 people. Special events like rock concerts and family shows are held in the arena, but you will have to purchase your ticket in advance.

When it comes to hotel accommodation s, Casa Playa is easily the most popular and attractive resorts in the area. Located on a pristine beach only a few kilometers from the Wave House, this Durban accommodation offers convenience and luxury at an affordable price.

However, the Casa Playa is not a hotel, it is a resort composed of self-catered, or serviced apartments. If you have never stayed in a catered apartment, then you should know that they have several important advantages over regular hotel rooms.

To begin with, they are generally less expensive, especially for longer stays. They also include full a kitchen, which means that if you don’t want to eat out in this Durban accommodation every night, you can stay in and prepare your own meals.

Find out more about a luxury self-catering apartment in Durban that is right on the beach.

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