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Durban Weather Explained

There is nothing worse than taking a trip to another city or country and being greeted by a very angry rain storm. That flips the lid off your patience, because it not only took you weeks of planning the trip, but also months of saving money. We all know that no one would like to go on vacation to another country and spend the duration of their time away under an umbrella. That won’t be a very pleasant holiday! During sunny days is the best time to go to a new country or city that you haven’t been to before and especially Durban, because there are so many beaches for you to visit.

There are a few things you have to know about Durban weather. It is not like other countries in terms of summer and sunshine and winter and pouring rain. No. Durban’s climate is characterized as been mild and subtropical. This means that the summer will be warm and wet and the winters will be dry or they will be moist. The suburbs in the western side of Durban, depending on the altitude variations, suffer very cold winters. These are the things you could expect from Durban weather. Durban expects a little over 1,000 mm of rain annually. When looking at the average temperature the city would expect year round, you will be looking at around 21-degrees Celsius (70-degrees Fahrenheit).

The average daytime temperature between the months of January and March peaks at 28-degrees Celsius (82-degrees Fahrenheit) where the minimum drops around to 21-degrees Celsius (70-degrees Fahrenheit). When considering Durban weather in the winter months, between June and August, you can expect highs to reach 23-degrees Celsius (73-degrees Fahrenheit) and a nippy low of 11-degrees Celsius (52-degrees-Fahrenheit). So it is up to you to determine which month you would prefer to visit the wonderful city in. There aren’t any months that the weather is really bad.

When you decide to travel to Durban, expect to get early morning wake up calls, because in the months of summer the sun rises are around 04h45am and sets again at around 19h00pm. In the winter months, expect to sleep in a little later or until the sun rises at 06h30am and sets again at around 17h00pm. So if you aren’t used to the sun rising so early in the morning in summer you should hang thick curtains at the windows, as that should help keep most of the light out, but don’t count on it.

These are the things you could expect from Durban weather, and you should not let that put a damper on things. The great thing about Durban weather in the summer is the tropical rain, when it does rain. It is pleasant rain that is neither cold nor icy, but rather like tap water falling from the sky.

Durban weather is one of the main reasons why this is such a popular city to visit. The nice weather conditions together with the stunning beaches – no wonder this is such a common tourist destination!

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