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Durban’s Newest Attraction – The Moses Mabhida Sky Car

The Moses Mabhida Stadium, which was built for the 2010 Soccer World Cup, is one of the best and latest Durban Attractions . The upgrade of this stadium cost approximately $200 million and the stadium now offers a number of tourist attractions, such as an adventure walk, big swing, a 3D stadium wayfinder, stadium tours and of course, the Durban Stadium Sky Car.

A group of twenty people can be ferried in the Moses Mabhida stadium Sky Car and the car will take you to the highest point of the stadium’s massive arch. The cabin is built of steel and glass, giving visitors a 360 degree view of the city, stadium and ocean.

Who Built the Moses Mabhida Stadium?

Durban built the Moses Mabhida Stadium for the FIFA World Cup, which was held in 2010. The unique design was conceptualised and executed by Osmond Lange architects and a consortium of engineers and consultants, including Iliso Consulting Engineers, Schlaich Bergermann & Partners, LSG International, Ibuya Consulting and others who were involved in the project.

Moses Mabhida Cable Car Rides

When you book your Durban Stadium Sky Car trip, prepare yourself for the most magnificent view of Durban. The group of 20 passengers will be transported in a standing position and the cabin moves along tracks (which are fixed on top of the arch). A wire rope is used to pull up the cable car along the tracks.

Moses Mabhida cable car rides are operated by a single driver and the ride is very safe. Emergency brakes will kick in if the sky car increases its speed (outside of the normal speed at which it travels). The Durban Stadium Sky Car trips take place all week from 9am until 6pm.

Accommodation in Umhlanga Rocks

No. 5 Casa Playa offers spacious and luxurious accommodation in Umhlanga Rocks. Situated directly next to the Umhlanga Sands hotel, you will not only be within a 10 minute drive from the Moses Mabhida stadium, but you will be close to all the pristine beaches, upmarket restaurants and other tourist attractions that Umhlanga Rocks has to offer.

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