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Finding the Right Holiday Apartment in Durban, South Africa

There are a few things to consider when finding a self catering apartments in Durban, South Africa. One of them is how long you are going to stay. If you are a single traveler, on business, and are only going to be staying for a short period of time, like two or three days, you will probably not care too much about amenities, unless it is something like a workout area, or a spa or sauna.

You may not want or need some giant kitchen area either, just a refrigerator, a microwave and a good place to sit. There are many budget Durban accommodations, even along the beach front. They have good basic amenities, like maid and laundry service, but are at a reduced price, some even under $100US dollars. This are often located close to Durban city center, and many places you may need to go to.

There are many security enhances apartments available in Durban, many that are set up just like other apartments, except they are in gated communities may have guards at the entrance, and many security cameras. There are many of these available, and some even have up to four bedrooms. They will offer many of the same amenities of other apartments in the area, and have units available on a monthly basis. These are ideal for families seeking added security in these troubled times.

If you are looking for just a regular holiday, then there are many different self catering apartments, with Durban accommodations, as well as many in the surrounding area. Many are located close to the beach, as well as other attractions like parks and sports arenas. There are many amenities included with these, including full maid service, pool and work out facilities, and many more that you might find at many hotels.

A few tips on picking the right self catering apartments, do some research first, and sit down with whomever you are traveling with to make a wish list of amenities are needed. Don’t expect to find ones that have many bedrooms, the average is from one to three, with four bedrooms common at some rental agencies. Any bedrooms that are larger than that are usually gone as soon as the come open. It is a good idea to keep in mind that some of your party will have to bunk up.

It is a good idea to do some price comparison shopping first, and compare prices from several agencies. You can base you interests on shopping opportunities, beach access, or whatever else you heart desires. Other things to consider may be transportation, and where you will be buying food. You might want need laundry services, or be close to some sports action. It may be a good idea to pay for any tours or adventure packages at this time as well.

It is not hard to find information about Durban accommodations, any online search will produce a long list of offerings. The city guide for Durban South Africa is a good place to start, as they have many different self catering apartments, and can provide other ideas about things to do and places to see.

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