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Self Catering is a Cheaper Option

When going on vacation, you generally search for packages that include accommodation as well as flights. Typically most packages contain half board or all inclusive hotel accommodation, but have you considered choosing a self catering option?

The Advantages of Self Catering

The main advantage of a self catering vacation is the fact that it is cheaper. All inclusive packages include all meals and most drinks (up to a certain limit), which means that the price you pay is typically higher than it would be if you chose a self catering vacation.

Many people are put off self catering packages because they do not want the hassle of catering for themselves. They want everything to be taken care of. However, cheap self catering doesn’t have to mean extra hassle. In fact, it can often be more convenient to cater for yourself rather than to rely upon the hotel for your meals.

If you choose a cheap self catering vacation then you also have more accommodation options available to you. You could stay in an apartment, in a cottage or perhaps even in a villa. The main thing to remember is that when you choose self catering, you tend to get more freedom, more choice and more space.

It is basically like having a home away from home. You get privacy and you can come and go as you please without feeling awkward. You get to eat when you want and what you want. When you stay in a hotel you have to eat breakfast by a certain time and you can often feel rushed which is not want you want on vacation! There are also no noisy guests keeping you awake at nights or early in the morning. Self catering is generally much quieter and a lot more relaxing than a package hotel vacation.

You also get plenty of little extras in self catering accommodation. You can find apartments and villas which have cable TV, dishwashers, microwaves, fridges and all modern convenience appliances that you could possibly need. It is more personal and there are more personal touches to be found which help you to feel at home.

Cheap self catering vacations really can help you to make the most of your time away. They save you money, you can choose an apartment, villa or house in the perfect location and you can tailor your vacation to suit your needs. If you haven’t yet considered a self catering vacation then now would definitely be the time to do so! For more please visit Self Catering Umhlanga.

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