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Skydiving in Durban: How Safe Is It?

skydiving in durban

Durban’s coastline is filled with pristine beaches, lush vegetation, inspiring architecture and amazing views – which can best be seen when skydiving! Nothing compares to the unique experience you will get by jumping out of an aeroplane and seeing the city from up in the clouds.

One of the best places to skydive in Durban is the Pharzyn Way Airfield, which is just off exit 74 on the N3 highway. The entire experience takes less than two hours (this includes the safety briefing, getting into your skydiving gear, taking the plane ride up into the air and, of course, the jump!).

How safe is Skydiving?

There are many misconceptions of the safety of skydiving. As with any extreme sport, such as extreme motorbiking, deep sea fishing or bungee jumping, there are dangers (which can be fatal). According to statistics, less than .0015% of the hundreds of thousands skydiving experiences ever result in a fatal injury, so you will be safer up in the air than driving in a car! If you have never skydived before, you should try tandem skydiving (where you are strapped to an experienced skydiver).

What equipment is needed for Skydiving?

Skydiving equipment mainly consists of an intricate parachute system, which also includes a safety parachute, which gets strapped to your back. You will also be wearing a helmet during your skydiving trip. Although this sport isn’t risk-free, skydiving equipment failures generally occur due to human error so it is important to book your trip with an experienced skydiving crew.

When you book your Durban skydiving adventure, you won’t need to bring along any specialised equipment. You will receive a briefing from a trained crew about safety measures, precautions and skydiving equipment before getting into the skydiving aeroplane. The plane trip takes approximately 20min before you are 10 000 feet above sea level. You will also have the option of buying a DVD and pictures of your once-in-a-lifetime Duran skydiving experience.

Accommodation in Umhlanga Rocks

If you are booking a trip to go skydiving in Durban, make sure you have the best accommodation to go home to after your adrenaline-filled experience! Casa Playa is situated on Umhlanga Beach and the self-catering accommodation offers four bedrooms and bathrooms, plus all the modern equipment you will need to enjoy your stay. Contact us today!

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