Casa Playa No. 5

Tips for parents when taking children to Umhlanga beach

If you’ve already booked your luxury accommodation in Umhlanga, then you’re probably ready to get the holidays started! If you’re planning a family vacation in KwaZulu-Natal this year, then read our helpful tips to ensure that your trips to the beach are fun and relaxing for all:

Head to the beach early
The beaches can be jam-packed by lunchtime during the December holidays, so make sure you have your towels and everything packed and ready to go before 10am. Not only will gthis give you more time on the beach, but you can head back for a much-needed afternoon nap as well!

Consider the facilities
Some beaches have public toilets and showers while others don’t. If you’re going with kids, consider investing in a portable travel potty if you’re going to beaches that don’t have these facilities.

Consider the food options
Kids can get hungry when they’re busy swimming and playing all day. Some beaches sell healthy treats while others will only stock slap chips and ice creams. Pack your own snakcks and lunches if necessary.

Stay at Casa Playa in Umhlanga this year

No.5 Casa Playa offers 300sq meters of fantastic style, comfort, luxury and attention to detail. This luxuriously appointed self-catering home is situated on Umhlanga Rocks main beach and is the perfect accommodation for your dream holiday. For bookings or more information on this fantastic self-catering accommodation in Umhlanga Rocks, do not hesitate to contact us today!

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