Casa Playa No. 5

Treat your partner to a romantic weekend in Durban for Valentine’s Day

It’s hard to decide what to do for Valentine’s day. The entire month of February is seen as the month of love and you are bombarded with images of romantic cards, gifts and meals.The truth is, women are sick and tired of roses and heart shaped boxes of chocolate filled with pink goo. And chances are that she’s going to think you’re pretty boring if you don’t come up with something new this year.

So what are you to do? Your girlfriend might pretend that she doesn’t notice all the shops and market places that are decorated with cupids, hearts and love bids…but she does. No matter how much she claims that “Valentine’s day is sooo superficial”, she’s going to feel left out when all her girlfriends chat about what their partners did for them.

Be creative and find an affordable way to travel this Valentine’s Day!

Thing is, no matter how much trouble you spend searching for the perfect gift, it’s not going to be a surprise. Underwear, teddy bears, gift baskets and spa vouchers – they’ve all been done. Beromantic by doing something new this year – take her away for the weekend!

Durban has the most romantic destinations for Valentine’s Day. Book into a hotel, eat yourmeals in cosy seaside restaurants, stroll along the beach ’til late…

How to plan the most romantic trip

You’re going to have to plan this in advance. Make sure that she doesn’t make plans for the same weekend or the whole trip will backfire. Don’t give her hints and clues, be secretive.

Find out which restaurants have a romantic setting and make a reservation as soon as possible. During your stay in Durban, you’ll also need a place to stay that is on the beach (preferably a quiet beach like Umhlanga Rocks). Book yourself into Casa Playa No 5, which will give you a magnificent view over the ocean.

This luxury accommodation has spacious rooms and a fully equipped kitchen, so you can also decide to stay in and cook yourselves.

Give your girlfriend a romantic weekend away this Valentine’s Day, she deserves it.

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