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Umhlanga Rocks Travel Tips

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When visiting Umhlanga Rocks in Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa, there are a couple of good-to-know travel tips for both the tourist and traveler within South Africa. Please read further and familiarise yourself with some travel tips for Umhlanga Rocks.

Crossing the South African border

Prior to entering the South African border and visiting Umhlanga Rocks make sure that your passport is still valid for six months. Also leave two blank VISA pages side by side for your tourism visa to be placed. In some cases it won’t be necessary to get a visa in advance like British passport holders whom can obtain a visa valid for three months issued by immigration.

Language and phrases

The Zulu language is normally spoken in the Kwazulu-Natal province (where Umhlanga Rocks is based in) but a lot of the people also speak English. So if you can only speak English you will be OK. But keep in mind that Afrikaans was the language for the old, oppressive national government before 1994; hence you can expect to hear Afrikaans as well.

Zulu words

Hamba Kahle – go well, good buy, see you
Sawubona – hello
Ukudla – food
Thenga – buy

South African English slang and common used phrases

Traffic light – robot
Howzit – common greeting
Biltong – dried meat
Lekka – often said when something was enjoyable or nice.

Tipping and Etiquette

Restaurants and Bars
In the restaurants and bars it is polite to tip between 10% and 15% of the bill. But

at some places the tip amount has already been incorporated into your bill so before you include a second tip rather enquire how their tipping system works.

Petrol stations and parking areas
Petrol station attendants are usually tipped a few rand and the car guard or parking attendants (dressed in bright yellow jackets) anything between R2 and R5 for looking after your car.

Tour guides and coach drivers
Tour guides and coach drivers are generally tipped at the end of the day. In a day tour the driver is also the tour guide and a tip of R10 per person is custom. On a coach tour there is a coach driver and a guide of which the recommended tip is R15 per person after which at the day end of the day the monies are divided between the driver and the guide.

It is customary to pay the porter R3 per bag but at some hotels outside the larger cities the hotel requires guests to leave the tip porter’s tip at the front desk. But if possible try tip the porter directly as a lot of the times the hotel lays claim on these tips without the porters ever receiving their tips. This is sad because the porters get paid a minimum wage and greatly rely on their tips for extra income.

Planning to visit the diverse and culture rich Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa, but not sure where to go or book accommodation?

Umhlanga Rocks is a popular holiday destination amongst South Africans because of its tropical climate, long, stretched sandy beaches, the Indian Ocean’s warm temperatures and beautiful scenery of uninterrupted rocky coastline.

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