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Visit the Gateway Theatre of Shopping

The Gateway Theatre of Shopping is the largest shopping centre in Africa. Opening in 2001, this international attraction is visited by 1.8 million people every month from all over the world.

This Durban shopping centre has 18 theatres, including an IMAX, a playhouse called Barnyard Theatre, and six Nouveau Cinemas. This mall also has a number of attractions that the whole family can enjoy. Fantasy Forest is a theme park for kids; it has bumper cars, an arcade, mini golf, bowling, food court, and much more. ScienceCentre, a theme park centred on science, features exhibits, rockets, and other exciting things that can teach visitors the fun and importance of science.

The Durban shopping experience is like no other. The Gateway Theatre of Shopping has many other attractions that can surpass many malls by far. Other than the two theme parks inside there are many other adventures. The Wave House is an indoor pool that allows you to surf and is a high in-demand destination for travellers. Even more unbelievable is an indoor skate park, designed by Tony Hawk himself that is also inside the mall.

Also inside of the mall is a world record breaking experience. The Rock, also inside of the mall, is the tallest indoor climbing rock in the world, and is one of the major attractions for the mall. Another adventure is a Nissan 4×4 track that takes riders on a ride through hidden canyons, river beds, and more on this exciting event.

Along with the adventures and thrills of rides and physical activities, Durban shopping is also about food. There are seventy restaurants inside the mall all featuring different cuisines from around the world. Adding to the abundance of restaurants is the outstanding amount of shopping stores available. There are more than 350 stores inside the Gateway Theatre of Shopping. Almost all of South Africa’s major retailers lease space and there are also some international locations that may be familiar to visitors around the world.

Along with the exceptional number of active events are a few relaxing and calm activities that the Gateway Theatre of Shopping hosts. Inside the mall is the Kizo Gallery. This gallery is the biggest privately owned art gallery in Kwazulu Natal, and exposes artwork from national greats to unknown locals. Another calm and relaxing leisure one may enjoy is the Palm Court. From all of the excitement of Durban shopping one may need a break, and this courtyard has many restaurants to choose from surrounded by palm trees and bands playing while everyone eats dinner and socialises.

Also, for safety, the Gateway Theatre of Shopping has a helipad, its own 24-hour paramedic, and panic rooms in all stores to make sure all of the visitors are safe.

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