Casa Playa No. 5

What is the Weather and Climate in Durban like?

The weather in Durban is pretty good all year round. With highs of about 35 C in summer and 12 C at night in winter, this city with a subtropical coastline is one of the most popular holiday destinations in South Africa.

The generally moderate climate has light rainfalls throughout the year (summer being the wettest season). Windy season kicks off in August and usually lasts until January.

The sea temperature varies between 18 C and 24 C, although the beach remains usable all year round.





November – March

April – May

June – August

September – October

Although Durban is an ideal place to go on holiday, some people prefer going during autumn and spring to avoid the humidity in the summer.

The last thing you need after spending a day at the beach in the blazing hot sun or roaming the packed shopping centres, is a dingy apartment. Nobody likes a stuffy room without ventilation when your clothes have already been sticking to your body for the last few hours.

What peace of mind would it give you if you knew that you and your family/friends would be able to go back to a luxurious holiday home, equipped to the highest standard of quality and comfort?

Point is – you can’t predict the weather or always plan your holiday around the best times of year. Other things have to be taken into consideration when deciding when to take a vacation (like leave from work, school holidays and accommodation prices).

Casa Playa No 5 ensures the most enjoyable holiday, no matter what Mother Nature throws at you. With a plasma screen TV, DSTV and shops and restaurants on your doorstep, a batch of bad weather won’t mean that the entire vacation is ruined.

During the normally warm weather, Casa Play No 5 will allow you to take part in the most delightful activities during the day. Fitted with a swimming pool, huge deck and a beach front that is practically on your doorstep – you will be able to make the most out of perfect weather.

Situated in Umhlanga rocks, Casa Playa No 5 has four spacious bedrooms, a modern kitchen and a magnificent view. The trendy coffee shops, hang-outs and eating places in very close proximity can allow you to plan your holiday without worrying about being cooped up in a grimy flat if the weather doesn’t play along with your vacation plans.

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