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What to do in Umhlanga Rocks

People from all over the globe travel to Umhlanga each year to take in the breathtaking views of the east coast, visit the remarkable attractions and enjoy a fun-filled holiday. If you have found the best Umhlanga accommodation and you are considering what to do in Umhlanga rocks, read our quick guide for the best tips:

  • Visit the Umhlanga Lagoon Nature Reserve: You will be able to see over 200 bird species and aquatic species within the Umhlanga Lagoon Nature Reserve. There’s a great picnic area at this nature reserve, so pack some snacks and spend a day viewing Umhlanga’s unique nature.
  • Spend time on the beach: Umhlanga’s main beach is a huge attraction for both tourists and locals alike. Spend a day lazing in the sun, surfing in the water or fishing on this beautiful beach. There are lifeguards as well as parking and ablution facilities on the beach.
  • See the marine life: There are a number of whale watching and dolphin viewing boat charters in Umhlanga Rocks. Book a trip for an unforgettable marine viewing experience.
  • Visit the lighthouse: The famous Umhlanga Lighthouse has been around for decades. This red and white tower has become a landmark spot for painters and photographers – make sure you take a few pictures next to the lighthouse!
  • Go shopping: While there are many entertainment facilities and shopping centres in and around Durban, you will be able to go on a shopping spree right on your doorstop if you have booked accommodation in Umhlanga. Some of the top shopping centres in the area include the Umhlanga Plaza, The Square, Granada Centre and the Umhlanga Shopping Centre.

Why you should consider visiting Umhlanga Rocks in Durban

These are the top two things to consider when visiting Umhlanga Rocks in Durban:

  • Your itinerary. A week or two can go by so quickly when staying in Umhlanga. Decide which attractions you want to visit beforehand and map out an itinerary before you leave.
  • Where to stay in Durban. A quick internet search will show you that there are thousands of accommodation options – make sure you book Umhlanga accommodation that fits your needs.

Umhlanga Rocks luxury accommodation from Casa Playa

Casa Playa no 5 is a self-catering, modern apartment situated on Umhlanga’s main beach next to the Umhlanga Sands Hotel. If you want a spacious, luxurious apartment for your next holiday, contact us for Umhlanga Accommodation!

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