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Where to stay in Durban

Planning a trip or holiday to Durban, but don’t know where to stay or book accommodation? This article will provide some insight to Kwazulu-Natal’s capital city which has been dubbed as the busiest and most African like city in South Africa. Durban city is alive with buzzing streets, the hub of Durban city people, remnants of colonial charm and beach-living of some of the locals. When looking for a peaceful place to stay in Durban, steer away from Durban central. Rather opt for the ‘Golden Mile’; a Miami like stretch of established hotels, beautiful beaches. But expect this area to be busy because of the high rise, chain of hotels.

Durban is a very popular place for family holidays, especially before Christmas and after Christmas. So if you can handle the mass of people around this time, rather book your accommodation early to avoid disappointment. Here are some tips on where to stay in Durban.

City Centre

Most of Durban’s hotels are located along the Golden Mile, except the Royal Hotel, a famous five star hotel and institution located more to the historic centre. But for the less expensive, the Albany Hotel is always a good choice.

Golden Mile

The accommodation situated on this ‘mile’ are more your established type of hotels like The Holiday Inn and Blue Waters Hotel. Sun International operates some good package deals for various types of pockets like the Holiday Inn Court to the more expensive Beverly Hills Sun Inter-Continental. If you are looking for superb hotels and star-graded service, the Golden Mile is theplay to stay in Durban. However, there are a couple of RCI self-catering accommodation options along the Golden Mile.

Berea/Kloof/Durban North

If you are wanting to stay at a place more quieter, not located in the city centre and hub of Durban, these older and established areas are ideal as it offers a lot of Bed & Breakfasts, lodges, guest houses closely located to shopping centres and beaches, yet not that far from the Golden Mile still. It provides that warmer and heartfelt welcome of Durban.


Looking for a holiday place to stay in Durban, Umhlanga is increasingly becoming a very popular holiday destination in Durban. Situated in the northern, more upperclass of area, Umhlanga offers plenty of good accommodation, a lovely coastline and beaches, good walks and bird life around the lagoon.

An excellent choice of a place to stay in Durban, Umhlanga is No.5 Casa Playa; it offers luxury self-catering apartments situated on Umhlanga Rocks main beach next to the Umhlanga Sands Hotel and only 1 km from Umhlanga Village.

Book a few days at Casa Playa no 5, with four spacious rooms and walking distance from the beach, in Durban!

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