Casa Playa No. 5


What could be more romantic than having your own perfect dreamy Durban getaway apartment located right on the beach where you can luxuriate in sun-splashed splendor on your large private veranda as salty spray blows against your faces during the day? At night cuddle while you watch the moon rise over the Indian Ocean. Whenever the moon is full and high in the sky, the moon glow leaves light green glitters in the night surf reminiscent of underwater sparkles that surely lured many pirates under the sea as they thought that they’d discovered ancient buried treasure. Each wave leaves an emerald green glitter trail that has to be seen to be believed, as the moonbeams dance upon the swells. It is as if the sea is lit from underneath especially for you.You will be entranced not only by the waves that beat their incessant rhythm on the shore, but you’ll be delighted with the wildlife you’ll see. For instance, is there nothing more romantic than watching bottlenose dolphin play in the surf, their wet bodies all glittery in the sun? Imagine spotting a snow white heron as it flies so close to your balcony you feel as if you could reach out and touch it? Brown pelicans swoop away from your building as they play “follow the leader” in their own inimitable style. Imagine, sandpipers that seemingly run from the waves, then bravely run toward them until the wave crashes on the sand.

One of the best places to stay in Durban is but a romantic stroll away from candle-lit restaurants where you may sample the local fare as you sit outdoors and admire the stars that are seemingly so close to you. You will be serenaded through dinner by the local tree frogs and crickets. Because you are staying in the incredibly beautiful Casa Playa apartment, and it’s self-catering with all the modern conveniences, the next morning you may wish to sleep in together, awake refreshed and serve breakfast on the private veranda as you watch the ocean life below you.

One night you may wish to take your chances and visit the local casino where you can giggle your way through the one armed bandits and hug each other after you’ve won a hand at your Blackjack game. There are countless museums you can visit together and relive the action packed past of Shaka Zulu, or you may visit the Durban Natural Science Museum Theate.

Total relaxation will be yours as you enjoy each other in the manner you did before daily life intruded. Durban is probably going to remind you of your first honeymoon if you went to the beach or perhaps Durban will be the site of your first honeymoon. Durban is so very romantic, with the sounds of the ocean everywhere, as it crashes onto the soft sand. You will sunbathe yourselves until your skin is a lovely bronze color, and your hearts are filled with the warmth of not only the sun, but the warmth of romance as well.

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