Casa Playa No. 5

Your Romantic Getaway/ Escape/ Haven/ Retreat/ Hideaway

And they lived happily ever after…

Yes, this is how fairy tales usually end but, is this really possible?

Whether you’ve answered yes, no, or maybe we’ve got a romantic retreat you just have to visit. A little time away with your loved one will do wonders.

Marriages don’t run on automatic, this is evident in the reality that 50% of marriages end in divorce. You need to put time and effort into your marriage and nowadays it’s not so easy. There’s an ever increasing demand on our time and the constant rush we find ourselves in, can put some serious strain on one’s marriage.

Make time, even if you need to make an appointment, do it! Whether it’s to meet for a quick cup of coffee, a lengthy candlelit dinner, a short walk on the beach or a spectacular romantic getaway/weekend away. Don’t drag your feet, mark it in your diary and make it happen.

Why don’t you come and enjoy your romantic week-end getaway at Casa Playa in Umhlanga Rocks?

No 5 Casa Playa is a luxurious and very private, up-market apartment in Umhlanga Rocks. We have all the facilities, comfort and luxury you need to ensure that this week-end will be an unforgettable one. Casa Playa has a modern kitchen (so you don’t need to leave if you don’t want to), a spectacular swimming pool (very private) a stylish bar (where you can mix tantalizing sundowners) with romantic music playing in the background. You’ll have time to take long walks on the beach, soak together in the bath tub and just enjoy the majestic view from the balcony with the crashing waves droning in the background.

The combination of peace and comfort in this inspiring and exclusive setting will give you a sense of being worlds away from the hustle and bustle. Yet the Umhlanga beach front with restaurants and coffee shops is within walking distance if you’d like to go out for a romantic dinner.

We’ve also got six tips to help you re-introduce the romance into your marriage

  1. TimeA costly commodity and so hard to find.To find or make time you’ll have to get creative.

    You’ve been married for a while, maybe you’ve become parents and somehow romance seems to have taken a back seat. Now there’s no extra time for cuddling, chatting, getting cozy on the couch or even finishing dinner together.

    Occasionally you just need some time out, some ‘us’ time, with no children and no work. This may seem almost impossible but you need to set boundaries in your life. Children need to know there are times when the two of you are together alone. Contrary to what you think, they’ll actually feel more secure knowing that you love each other and need time alone. They’ll also start respecting the fact that you have needs too. The same goes for work, it’s important to leave it at the office.

    To keep your marriage healthy and happy, you need to make time for each other.

  2. DatingOnce you’ve managed to create some time, cast your memory back, do you remember thedating game’? It’s not only for single people. Husbands court your wife again. Ladies love to be romanced, courted and fussed over, they need to feel special. Schedule regular dates to spend time together, go for dinner, a cup of coffee or a week-end away (just the two of you), put it in your diary and whatever you do, don’t cancel!Wife’s, don’t take your man for granted, he needs to feel wanted and special too. It’s not only up to him to take you on a date, you can surprise him too. With the kids keeping you busy you need to make time for him. Maybe you could get dinner ready and the kids settled and organized before he gets home so that you can give him your undivided attention, even if it’s only for 15 minutes.
    Having some ‘alone’ time will surely liven things up and start putting the romance back into your marriage.
  3. Talk, chat, communicate, share, stay in touchT A L K to each other (not everybody else) about everything from parenting, sex, work, your dreams, desires and expectations. It’s so important to be honest, if there are issues discuss them right away, don’t let it brew. The sooner you talk the sooner it can be dealt with and solved. Communication is a crucial, critical and vital for any relationship to succeed. It’s the heart of your marriage, you won’t survive without it.
  4. Focus on the positive things in each other and your marriageSo, you don’t have the perfect marriage? By now you know there’s no such thing, the reason being there’s no perfect person. Be more understanding and tolerant about each other’s shortcoming. We need to accept one another’s imperfections, your partner wasn’t perfect when you met him or her, but there was something special that attracted you to each other. Remind yourself what that was. As the years pass you’d like to change certain things in each other, but you must be careful not to try and mold that person into something they are not, you’ll both end up unhappy.
  5. Express your love for each other and be generous with complimentsTime goes by and before you know it we take each other for granted. You don’t tell your partner you love him or her that often because, well they should know that by now. Not so, we all need to hear “I love you”…often. Also, tell them why you love them.As for compliments, take note. You need to notice when your wife makes an effort to dress nicely, wear a bit of make-up, or has her hair done. Why should she bother if you don’t notice or comment? As mentioned before, women need to feel beautiful and special.

    If your man looks good, tell him ladies.

  6. Be attractive for your partner.This is rather important, you can’t let yourself go. This goes for both men and women alike and yes, it takes some effort.Look after yourself, stay fit and healthy.

    Keep abreast of times. From time to time you may need to go through your wardrobe, throw out a few things and maybe invest in some new itmes. If you’ve donned the same hairstyle for years, why not try a new look. Be innovative and creative, at least there are some things we can change.

    One of the most effective and sure ways to put romance back into your married life is by improving your appearance. Having your partner see you in a new light can definitely put the passion back into your marriage.

All in all, you need to “work” on keeping your marriage strong and alive.

By getting the romance back into your relationship, there’s a good chance you can live the rest of your married life to the fullest! We whish you the very best!

No. 5 Casa Playa’s a good place to get things started. Book your romantic weekend away now.

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